Carbon Footprint Semantics and Calculation Methodology
In this section we invite you to a preliminary sailing to know when and how the initiative (Spanish Link) come from?.  Who can supply for ideas? What-oriented resource economics approach is pursued as CarbonFeel ?; know their mission (Spanish Link) for which it was created, meet the team (Spanish Link) who actively participate in it, knowing the path and documentation through the our binnacle (Spanish Link); You can also check out our section dedicated to the conceptual basis (Spanish Link) of the initiative, it will find interesting aspects in which it is to inform the public of what represents the carbon footprint in general, and a study of CarbonFeel particular calculation; and finally, if you and your organization 'feel' the danger of emissions of greenhouse gases to our current way of life, do not hesitate to contact (Spanish Link) the office of CarbonFeel project, responsible for the launch of the initiative are to available to guide on how to participate actively in standardization, calculation, monitoring, and reducing the carbon footprint.

The Funciona Foundation aims planning and management of social, cultural and infrastructure projects that help strengthen human organizations based on equal rights. Since the Board Funciona is conceived as an element that seeks justice against solidarity, and should encompass all individuals, companies and organizations, implementing projects that make the protagonists of their own peoples development. Facilitate the people and businesses a footprint transparent, accessible and comparable Carbon is essential to meet their commitments to Corporate Social Responsibility.


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