Carbon Footprint Semantics and Calculation Methodology

Juan Luís Doménech

In Memorian

Hurricane winds are hovering over our current way of life, the certainty of climate change shows us a very different path than so far we have been in our society, a path in which the adoption of an environmental consciousness individually, but more importantly, the emergence of a collective environmental awareness are necessary conditions to undertake our accumulated debt to our descendants.

Regardless of which more than 2,500 scientists in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC have agreed to close the debate about whether the source of change is anthropogenic or not, if 'we feel' what is happening, we open mind and leaving aside for a moment certain interests of our daily life, we realize that the responsibility for this change is truly ours, basically our inability to change our habits, supported by a resource, we like it or not, are finite. And as is ours, the possible answers can only come from a transformation in the perception of Environment by each of us.

To what extent are we responsible? , How can we measure our level of contribution to climate change and how we can minimize our impact as a consumer at individual and corporate level?. That is an accessible, transparent and comparable measurement of the carbon footprint.

We have always known, from the position of humility that belongs to us, that we can’t pretend to direct the wind, lately with forces beyond our reach. Winds of environmental changes, which seem inevitable winds of international standards of a global nature, where is sometimes lost the final purpose for which they were created. But certainly what we can do is to guide our sails to navigate these winds push us into the calmer waters possible.

Thank you on behalf of all member institutions to CarbonFeel initiative for visiting our site, we invite you to meet. You can then navigate through the CarbonFeel services, which will inform you about what can and can’t offer the initiative. Indeed, CarbonFeel has its limits and its code of ethics keeps him away from opaque approaches. You can also go to see the section on alliances, which will show the organizations that have signed an accession agreement and collaboration to CarbonFeel principles. If you want to delve into technical aspects can consult the products section which will detail the benefits and recommended use of them. This heading has actual experiences of CarbonFeel calculation classified by activity. You can 'navigate' the carbon footprint of these experiences through the product BubbleFeel (Spanish Link), which intuitively allows you to identify 'bubbles' susceptible to minimize CO2.

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